Product Development & Design
The mission of NFL ALL DAY is to provide an authentic, fan-driven approach to sports collecting in the Web3 world. We aim to do what physical card collectors can't: give users the ability to own specific highlights of NFL plays in the form of Moments. Rather than static 2D collectibles, ours are fully-3D with video highlights all wrapped up in a neat collectible format.

Collectible Design (season 2)
Pack Design
Our collectibles needed to be packaged and delivered in a unique way. Since the Moments would be bundled into a pack to be sold via drops, we wanted the packs themselves to be collectible and just as sought-after as the Moments they carried. The following is a mix of some of the packs I designed, including those from Season 1 (closed beta), Season 2 (open beta), special promotions, partnerships, historical series, and a few concept packs that went unused.
User Interface & Experience
Our aim is to give users the ability to collect Moments, complete sets, and highlight their collection. Since our entire product is built with the users' experience in mind, we wanted each aspect to be enjoyable and feel truly unique.

User Profiles & Showcase Concepts
The driving force behind NFL ALL DAY is collecting. With this in mind, we want users' profiles to function as digital trophy cases where they can curate their favorite pieces and highlight their collections how they choose. Here's a few concepts I created to showcase the collectibles, a user's profile, and a new pack loading animation screen.
Marketing Content Design
The promotional aspect of NFL ALL DAY included in-stadium videos shown during NFL games, partnerships with the NFL and its personalities, sponsorships of NFL events, and social media promotion from NFL players themselves. The following is a collection of various marketing assets I designed and "templatized" for promotional purposes.

Upcoming Drop Assets

Social Media Content (season 2)

Social Media Content (season 1)

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